Sunday, May 02, 2010

Colouring Book Theatre: Buck Rogers

Whitman Buck Rogers Color and Activity Book"

As much as I love Buck Rogers, I really have to say this is book is a pretty big Fail.

Right from the cover you can kind of see that it's rendered in a hasty style, as if who ever did the art really had to be somewhere and really just didn't care. Most of the characters have blank stares (especially the women) or really over the top expressions.

Also why is Reed Richards on the cover?

The book retells the story of the movie, Buck gets launched into space, frozen and woken up by the Draconians and then sent to earth and believed a spy.

25th Century court is apparently held on Living Island. Buck looks sad but don't worry, he finds a way to cheer himself up:

Jeez, Buck you never heard of will power? I know it's been 500 years but sheesh. This image by the way is the first thing you see when you open the book, there is no way that this isn't an in joke.

"Biddy-Biddy-Biddy what's with you and Phallic symbols Buck?"

The loving way the space battle is rendered makes me wonder if Whitman paid in beatings and broken glass.

This is how me and my wife look after leaving most parties we're invited too.

Then there's a whole long filler sequence of the celebration, mainly of Buck showing his disco moves. Let's figure this out, Buck Rogers left earth in 1987 and he's really into disco? No wonder he was single.

Of course they throw a parade and nobody looks at all happy to be there, even Twiki looks pissed. It's probably that tiny vehicle twisting their torsos causing them incredible pain.

Oh and of course, we'll check in on Kane and Ardalla, who are still in transit, not much has changed, Kane still looks mad although Ardalla seems to have found something shiny to amuse herself with.

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John III said...

That is one hilarious coloring book. The women all look like they are in some stage of post-coital joy, and the guys all look like they, well, not that!

Alphacentaurian said...

Pfffaaahahaha! Hilarious!
He is definitely relieving stress there :)

The art looks like it was done by the same guy who did the first-gen 80s G.I. Joe colouring books. Wish I still had mine to compare :(

None of the characters (even Twiki for gods' sakes) look like the actors who portrayed them. Must've been some legal issue.

"Make sure the characters look nothing like those in real life... otherwise, we have to pay them royalties!"

Sam G said...

Oh my God. That. IS. Awful. It really looks like a ten year old drew it. Funny stuff.

Monsterforge said...

Ha ha ha ha! This is the best one yet!

"The loving way the space battle is rendered makes me wonder if Whitman paid in beatings and broken glass."

Classic! What a great line!

Anonymous said...

Ha! I HAD this coloring book! Oh, the memories.

Desdinova said...

Forget what buck was doing in that one picture, what is Wilma about to do? Is that a microphone?


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