Friday, March 25, 2011

LJN TV Superstars 1983

LJN V toys

LJN toys had a long tradition of picking up cool cop shows like SWAT and The Rookies and that tradition carried on in the 1983 catalog where they hoped to continue for toy maker Mego (who ahd just filed for bankruptcy) left off by continuing the CHiPs line.
LJN V toys

Also offered this year was Magnum PI using what appears to be a retooled Mego Dukes of Hazzard body. While I've never seen any LJN branded chips figures, the Magnum set is now a sought after collectible. The carded figure has never been seen on the collectors market.

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Umbratikus said...

I'm was a big fan of the Magnum PI TV show in its day(in fact, I just got Season 1 on DVD last weekend). I never remember seeing this set. I would have been 18 when this set came out, but probably still would have purchased it just to have it sitting on my shelf. LJN advertisers obviously never watched the show, however, as they refer to him as "Dan" Magnum instead of Thomas.

Joseph Tages said...

I remember seeing the Magnum Ferrari and figure boxed set on the shelves at TRUs. As a Magnum fan, I'm still kicking myself for not picking it up back then as it has become a rare and expensive piece indeed.


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