Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Remco Star Trek Electric Phaser Gun

I recently got a Childworld Flyer from 1975 which included some killer art, until I find a scanner big enough I'll highlight some of the better pieces here and on the Megomuseum Blog. Today's image of the Remco Phaser is probably my favourite, I love that young Spock from what is probably the series pilot. I have about three flyers from 1975, not a single one uses Captain Kirk.


rob! said...

Spock looks like he's dressed as your typical 70s Cop Show Thug character. like he works at a warehouse and gets the drop on Jim Rockford when he comes snooping around.

Laura Moncur said...

I SO want that phaser. I have a Original Series Star Trek phaser, but looking at that ad makes me want one!

I can just imagine the fun I would have with my friends!


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