Thursday, January 03, 2008

Metal Men Deal

Wow, six Metal Men figures for $10? Where do I sign up?

For those not in the know, Metal Men were a series of funky Diecast Metal Robot figures that had no back story (you had to use your imagination). They have a bit of a following now and don't come cheap mint on card sadly.

For more on the Metal Men check out this cool site.

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The Metal Men Rock


JFStan said...

I remember these! In fact, I had the policeman because he reminded me of the police in the film THX-1138.

Swinebread said...

Oh wow, I had the astronaut figure. I totally forgot about that until I saw this picture.

It’s so weird, because toys nowadays have to have a movie or TV tie in, but back then nope.

David said...

I remember my brother had one. It was odd and cool at the same time. My brother always had a knack for picking the cool toys. Thanks for the reminder.


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