Friday, January 04, 2008

1980 Ben Cooper Catalog

1980 Ben Cooper Catalog

The Ben Cooper name is synonymous to many of us with Halloween from their well known "Smock and Mask" Halloween outfits that had all the relevent licenses to their rubber masks and jigglers, Ben Cooper had almost a stranglehold on October 31st. Journey back to the 1980 Ben Cooper catalog for a an incredible variety of pop culture characters and memories.

Featuring well known characters such as Frankenstein, Darth Vader and the Incredible Hulk to the more obscure ones like Web Woman, this catalog is the biggest item I have ever attempted to put on the site before.


JFStan said...

I never realized there was a Dazzler costume!! Now I have a new quest to add to my collecting list. :)

My apologies to anyone who wore one, but those poncho costumes are seriously lame. It's bad enough when the character costume just has a pic of the character on it, but a poncho? That's really phoning it in.

tjo' said...

I used to have one of those jiggler Spideys but some crazy kid took a bite out of the side. I pretty hated him for that. I found it 15 years later, and was like "wow, my Spidey toy..." and then saw the bite mark and felt my blood boil again. There is something for any shrinks reading this to analyze.

BTW that catalogue is pretty scary - those drawings are out of control! I like Hulk's hairdo and the fact that Dr Strange looks like Vincent Price after a night on the town.

Arkonbey said...

It's always funny when people who actually have no clue about a fantasy/sf character write copy or proofread. In the section of (terrible character-portrait-on-the-front) Empire Strikes Back costumes, they have one for Yado.

rob! said...

i like how all those kids in the Spidey, Hulk, Batman, and Superman costumes are dancin' the night away!

Katy S said...

Hi Plaid Stallions - I love your site! I profiled your blog on my site The RollerBlog. Keep the seventies goodness coming!



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