Friday, January 25, 2008

Hi-Yo Silver Away!

In the mid 1970's Gabriel toys released some of the highest quality action figures of the decade with their Lone Ranger line. Not known for action figures previously, the company spared no detail in the figures, their horses or the multitude of accessory packs.
Announcement Time: I am taking a short sabbatical from the interweb to recharge my batteries. I'll be back at the end of the month with more of the usual. Have a great weekend!


mattygroves said...

Omygod - I remember when I was a kid, one Christmas my brother got The Lone Ranger and Silver, and I was stuck with Tonto and Scout. I was so jealous - I didn't care about the Lone Ranger, but I really, really wanted Silver, as his joints were bendable, and Scout was rigid.

To this day, I think I got the sidekick cuz I was the girl, and my brother (unsurpisingly) was (and indeed still is) the boy. Sigh.

Swinebread said...

Well at least you got something, my folks never got me any action figures...

...except space 1999 yuck!

mattygroves said...

Heh. We had the ships from Space 1999 - they were superbly made - die cast metal and everything.

My brother (again, he got all the cool stuff) had the die cast Enterprise - it shot little plastic disks, and had a completely out of scale dinky little orange plastic shuttlecraft.

Happy days.


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