Thursday, August 18, 2011

That pointy eared kid sure plays a mean pinball

AHI Star Trek pinball game
While I never really enjoyed "bagatelle" games as a kid, I must admit to being slightly addicted as an adult. Mostly to the crazy graphics on these things, AHI utilized this format for a number of licenses including Star Trek and Space:1999. Trek was deemed so popular that it came in two flavours, Spock (seen above) and Kirk (seen below)

AHI Star Trek pinball game
The Kirk set is mint in original packaging, which really enhances things for me. If the font looks familiar, it's cause it's from the popular Gold Key Star Trek comic, another favourite of mine.


PDXWiz said...

I've noticed a lot of Trek stuff from the 70s has the Gold Key font myself.

Very cool, thanks!

Gordon Long

Neal P said...

I think I would've found it creepy to play pinball while Kirk stared back at me with those bedroom eyes!

I always liked that Gold Key logo better than the one used on the show, but it doesn't age well. It's very 60s looking.


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