Thursday, August 04, 2011

Meet the Astro Apes

Now that I've introduced you to AHI's Action Apeman line, it seems only fitting to  get you acquainted with Warrior, Artemus, Myra and Dr Zorma, otherwise known as the Astro Apes. If the Action Apemen were blatant ripoffs (and they were) then the Astro Apes would need to go down as the "Most Blantantest Rippyoffiest Ever". More after the jump.

Here is a close up Artemus in his quasi futuristic get up, the figures themselves look like altered copies of the Mego Planet of the Apes figures with little additions, such as glasses for Dr Zaius and a flower in Zira's...I mean Myra's hair. These guys are produced on the cheap, I doubt these could last an afternoon with 6 year old me...

And talk about fancy packaging! So you may ask yourself, did Mego sue the makers of the Astro Apes too? Well, it's kind of hard to sue somebody when they don't put their name on the packaging, a little digging into my archive (big smelly pile of magazines) revealed this little tid bit:

The Astro Apes were made by something called "United Manufacturing Company" which really is the dreariest toy factory name ever.

If you want to see more Astro Ape goodness, cruise on over the and if you have any of these and would like to sell Email Me! In working on this piece I have become infatuated with these things, it's a curse...


Dancin' Homer said...

Good Lord these are horrid. I just checked out the link . . . appears Zaius and the Soldier Apes left their shirts in the dryer a little too long.

Alphacentaurian said...

OK, these count as bootleg!
Seriously though: Ewwww!


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