Wednesday, August 24, 2011

The cult of fleece welcomes you

Won't you stay for some kool aid?


Jody said...

Why would you list this in the summer? It makes me itch just thinking about wearing it. And it makes me sad thinking summer is almost over. Thanks for ruining my day JERK!

Kidding!!! ;-)

Anonymous said...

Sorry to be Off Topic-
Been trying to email and facebook Plaidstallions to no avail.
I need your advertising rates, starting a campaign in a week, need your rates and options.

PDXWiz said...

It's the Stepford Bradys! Run for your lives!!!!!!!! ARggggghhhhhhhhhh

As much as I love and miss certain aspects of the 70s (toys, books, tv shows)....don't you sometimes wonder that the stuff you find for your posts came from a different universe? LOL

Gordon Long

Alphacentaurian said...

Did they wear fleece in Jonestown?


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