Wednesday, August 03, 2011

Jigglers of the Apes

Mixing my fondness for Jigglers with my Ape Mania is a dangerous cocktail. These Jigglers made by Ben Cooper (surprisingly not AHI) are a happy childhood memory for me and I was excited when my pal Mike J sent me a shot of one in a baggie, something I had not seen before. More on these cool l'il guys after the jump.

Here is the Caesar as I remember him, sold in a display box with a tag. I love how these Jigglers seemed to be based on "Battle for the Planet of the Apes" and not the original movie or the TV series, they are both very tied to that film as I will elaborate.

The "Warrior Ape" struck me as oddly familiar when I saw him a few years ago, I snapped him up at a show but it took me forever to figure out where I knew him from. What bugged me is when did they ever show a shirtless ape in the film?
The answer is here, the original theatrical poster (which I've owned and had on display for 25 years) I'm embarrassed it took me this long to figure this out...


Jon K said...

I don't think I've ever seen the Caesar one before... and I've been wondering why the weird clothes on the warrior ape, too! Thanks for figuring it out (although now I'm thinking I should've really figured it out for myself now!).

John III said...

I love these entries you have this week. The last month I've watched all the Apes movies on netflix. I've only ever seen the first one before. Then I see trailers for another Ape movie! How ironic is that? It was meant to be...that's what!

PDXWiz said...

Whoa, neat...looks like a mutated version of the AHI Chimp/Gorilla mutation... Also would make a good alien for playing with Trek. Why did I miss all this cool Ape stuff??? And how tall are these ape toys here?

Gordon Long


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