Wednesday, June 15, 2011

To the Web Copter?

Here we have one of the last uses of the AHI Helicopter molds (which had been used for Planet of the Apes, Batman, SWAT even the Hulk!) in the mid 1980s AHI/Remco snapped up the rights to the Archie Red Circle comics heroes such as "The Web" here, the result were some pretty middling, kinda chubby, action figures and rack toys such as this.

While I see the "Mighty Crusaders" figures a lot on the secondary market, the rack toys seem to never surface. This copter is the first I've found in years. I should mention I used to own this on the card but I gave it to a good friend because in 1999, I didn't have an inkling that one day I'd have a website or be working on a book or anything...


John III said...

You ARE a really good friend! Do you have any extra Batman & Robin alarm clocks???

John III said...
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