Thursday, June 23, 2011

Summer's Here!

Who wants a Snow Cone? I'm firing up Frosty, sure the flavours are over 35 years old but I'm sure they're fine for human consumption. C'mon who's first?


Tex said...

>waves arms like Horshack<

Ooh-ooh! Me-me!

(who never had one, and never knew anyone who did, gorramnit)

Neal P said...

What an exercise in frustration! Those things could only grind a couple ice cubes at a time and very slowly at that. By the time you ground enough ice cubes to fill a cup, most of the ice had melted. You may as well have made Kool-Aid.

Besides, the snowman kinda creeped me out. He looked like some kind of stone statue that natives would worship. I had a vivid imagination as a kid.

Umbratikus said...

I had one of these, but I think I got mine used (I had lots of hand-me-downs as a kid). Mom used to make syrup from strongly made Kool-Aid. I liked it. As usual, thanks for the memories...

Jody said...

I had the Snoopy model and it took so long to make that I remember not liking Snoopy anymore after that! I just found it in the attic a couple of years ago. Still in the box and untouched after that first try. They had one of those commercials that made you think it was going to be the best thing ever and it didn't even come close to living up to the promise. They still sell they by the way. Dissappointing a whole new generation of kids.


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