Friday, June 03, 2011

1975 Transogram Catalog

Transogram isn't really a company I know much about, mostly because to my knowledge they never made action figures. However in 1975, they sure made a lot of things kids liked such as Doctor kits, target sets and Drum kits. Licenses include Planet of the Apes and a whole bunch of oddball M*A*S*H items I doubt were made.
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1975 Transogram toys Catalog

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Neal P said...

I don't think any MASH merchandise was made until toward the end of the show's run (1981-83). The real expert on this is Rob Kelly over at

Tex said...

I don't remember any of Transogram's MASH merchandise, but I do remember MASH toys c78. Don't remember the company, but they made vehicles (jeeps, helicopters) and various buildings from the camp (I had the Swamp, and the latrine.)

(no, really)

Tex said...

BINGO! The Plaid Stallion found it before us!

(there's my latrine)


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