Saturday, June 25, 2011

Factory Brick

While I shared the Super Collector Factory test shots at the Mego Museum a while back, I never revealed the factory test shots for Brick himself. I put Brick's production into the careful hands of Paul "Dr Mego" Clarke and I gotta say, he treated my brain child as one of his own. When I first saw this, I got giddy.

No better time to share this photo than now, seeing as Brick is no longer in China but in the US of A. As soon as the Canadian mail strike ends (which as a collector  is KILLING ME) , I'll have him here, ready to assemble. The first 100 or so will be available exclusively through Odeon toys and the Megomuseum. The rest of the run will be available through many fine "etailers" that have expressed interest bless 'em.

There will be a lot of fun side projects with this figure, some oddball ideas that are coming to light thanks to a cadre of talented friends. I also hope folks who buy them customize them and share the results with me. Stay tuned for more in the coming days.


Tex said...

MINE! >starts bashing on the computer with his gimer stick< Mine! MINE! MIIINE!!!

(Brick and Kirk can now go out and pick up Wonder Woman and Batgirl)

John III said...

Like kids in a candy store! Haha!

John III said...

Kind of like a Pez dispenser...


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