Thursday, October 28, 2010

The Tomland Mini Monsters

Happy to showcase these weird little figures, produced in 1979 by a UK company called Tomland (under the umbrella of Marx) these stylin' mini monsters were based on my beloved Lincoln International Monsters. I don't know why and I honestly don't care, I'm just pleased that they were. Tomland made their own 8" versions of the Lincoln Monsters as well. More after the jump

Here is a comparison shot of the Lincoln Mummy with the Tomland Mini Monster, it's remarkable that five years later another company would imitate the style of these figures for another series. As mentioned before Tomland even made revamped versions of the 8" monsters as well, they glowed in the dark.

This Skeleton character (whom my daughter has dubbed "Skelly") never had an 8" counterpart, at least not one anybody has seen, pity.
Mini Monsters Dracula is the spitting image of Lincoln Dracula right down to the signature blue bags under his eyes.
Frankenstein looks far healthier as a mini monster, he almost looks like Michael Richards.

The Tomland Wolfman shares the gleeful smile of his Lincoln counterpart.

Lincoln International Monsters Gallery


Wings1295 said...

Never even heard of these before, pretty damn cool!

Brothermidnight said...

Im so glad to see that somebody else remembers these! I had these as a child and 6 other not in the picture.


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