Thursday, October 07, 2010

Super Monsters on Sale

Time to dig through the vault and see some real Monster bargains when it comes to the many, many monster action figure lines we were treated to in the 1970s. Above is a great ad featuring the Azrak Hamway World Famous Super Monsters. As you can see they are mingled in with the Mego Super Foes (which makes sense) It looks to me like that early wolfman is shirtless but it could just me the resolution of the ad.

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AHI Monster figures

This ad for a store called "The Broadway" has them at the same price as the Mego World's Greatest Superfoes which seems pretty high but I don't know what the rent was like in Los Angeles in 1974.

Hmmm, K Mart has the Monsters at $1.57, that's good but I can do better.

Now "Keslings Drugs" has four or the Super Monsters for the tidy price of $1.29 but I've never heard of that store so I'd better keep looking.

$0.88! now that's more like it, I'll take ten of each please. The ad even mentions the Creature, I could cry.

Super Monster Bend Ems, two for a buck! That'd keep me busy now, let alone then.

My favourite this year has to be this ad for the Lincoln International Monsters on sale for a buck at payless. It's rare to find any advertising relating to this awesome line of figures so this one really made me geek out more than usual. What can I say? I'm an easily pleased man.

AHI Monster Gallery
I've spent a little time upgrading the photographs to the growing AHI Monsters section of the site, check it out here.

Lincoln International Monsters Gallery


Miq-Tak said...

Kresge's is K-Mart, by the way.

Plaidstallions said...

Well aware but they are seperately run divisions like Woolco and Woolworths.


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