Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Cyborg VS Muton

Another excuse for me to extoll the virtue of the Denys Fisher Cyborg line, there's just something so appealing about see through action figures, wish I could elaborate on that further. This is one of those figure lines that never made it to North America, lucky brits...

For more drooling, check out the 1977 Denys Fisher Cyborg Catalog and Toy Gallery:


rob! said...

This post makes me think about something--Brian, do you think a toy/action figure could even make it nowadays unless its a movie/cartoon tie-in?

All these posts you have of these 70s toys that are "just" robots or aliens or monsters makes me realize you just don't see stuff like this anymore--its all IronMan, Toy Story, Ben10, etc.

I'm not criticizing, per se, its just something that occurred to me about how toy aisles have changed over the decades.

John III said...

I think you're right Rob. Since Star Wars, GI Joe and Transformers hit the market, a toy pretty much had to have another market tie-in to work. Whether it be a movie, TV show or comic book. The 70's didn't require this, but the 80's sure did.

ranger67 said...

I had one of those Cyborg figures, wow talk about taking me back!lol

From my jaded memories of the time i'm thinking it must've been around 74 or 75 I had it. My auntie got me it and the see through novelty factor held my interest for a week I think. But it was a strange sort of inbetween size as I recall, too big to join in with Little big man and too small to campaign with my band of Action men(G I Joe to our american chums) I think it met a quite ignominious end at the hands of my kid brother in some form of childhood autopsy!lol

Brilliant just to see the little guy again though.


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