Sunday, May 09, 2010

4th Birthday Contest Winners

So, I'm only a week late, which is a lot better than my batting average delivering Topless Robot articles (Rob Bricken is a patient, tolerant man) but it's still nothing to be super proud of either. Anyway, here are the four winners (one for every year) of our forth birthday promotion, chosen at random by mein fraulein:

Wings/Joe writes "Either the Sesame Street playset or the Weeble Tree House." and I couldn't agree more on the FP Sesame sets, I played with those until I was an age that I probably shouldn't have been (27).

John Hilliard was troubled to find just one toy but finally decided " But, finally, after much thought, I chose my Shogun Warriors' Godzilla!!! Simply
the best toy ever! HANDS DOWN!"
While I did not have this toy growing up, I have no doubt you are correct John.

Hugh had no problem deciding: " No question, the toyset I loved the most from the 1970s would have to be the Gabriel
Lone Ranger and Silver. My silver suffered a broken angel and LR's mask broke, and I
still loved playing with it."

Finally Erick writes " I still have a lot of my 70s toys, but the one I wish I still had is kind of strange. I used to have most of those little Fat Albert & the Cosby Kids PVC
figures. They don't have any kind of playability, they just stand there. But they
were cool. I think we sold them in a garage sale a long time ago."

I'll be sending PS prize packs to all our winners (if you're reading send me your addresses!) which includes DVDs, trading cards and a copy of the Mego Megomuseum 1978 ReImagined Fantasy Catalog. Thanks to everyone for playing and for visiting!


Wings said...

Wow! I can't believe I won! Great contest & again, congrats on Blog-B-Day #4 - Here's to many, many more!

Wings said...

And congrats to the other winners, too!

Wings said...

Did you get my address, man?


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