Sunday, November 02, 2008

Colouring Book Theatre: The Bionic Woman

This week's book comes courtesy of Sharry, who tells me the book is filled with several goofy mini stories.

As a kid I never much dug the Bionic Woman, mostly because I was forced to sit through it thanks to an older. bigger sister.

This 1976 opus is by a company called Treasure Books, I like the concerned look Jamie has on the cover, she probably can't remember where she parked.

Anyway, Sharry has chosen a story you make up yourself, which while kind of daffy considering you don't have much choice in it's direction, it is still MILES more interesting than the Six Million Dollar Man Colouring book we featured a while back, mostly because something happens.

A little caboose shot to start off with.

So we're supposed to write your own narrative here, so I guess "Jamie goes out for a jog" I haven't got an ounce of clever in me today, I'm tired and "Fraggle Rock" is blaring behind me, so I'm going to phone this one in.

"colour this page last"

No good can come from this!

"Mashers! Mashers"


"Wa-Boosh" I don't remember the Bionic Woman being this violent, I like it!

"Courtesy of your friendly Neihbourhood Bionic Woman"

Thanks Sharry for a colouring book that made sense and was mildly interesting, next week we'll be back to the pain with Benji.

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rob! said...

strange, downbeat cover. Jamie Sommers looks like she's in a bombed-out village.

Keith said...

Thanks for sharing this with us. I did watch and enjoy the show, but I was a bigger fan of Six Million Dollar Man.


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