Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Love Boat Barber Shop

Love Boat Shaving set

When I posted last month about the Popeye shaving set, some of you were quick to point out that there were several classic connections to Popeye and shaving. Fine, I'll surrender that and give you all a point.

Perhaps some of you can now please elaborate for me how Love Boat, a show about where people fall in love somehow equates to shaving? Please enlighten me as it's keeping me up at night.
Love Boat Toys

For the record, this one I get, well played Fleetwood...

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Umbratikus said...

Well, if I were going on a cruise, I would certainly be taking my shaving kit with me.

Steve said...

Good hygiene is important if you want to be attractive.

Anonymous said...

Hi, this is TR.

Well, I guess maybe some kid, who tragically got a hold of a shaving kit, gave Issac that 1970s funky mustache! JK, JK!


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