Wednesday, April 25, 2012

War of the Daleks

TOTALLY TRUE STORY: When i was 15 years old I found a copy of this game at a "Toys and Wheels" store at the mall in Canada. I don't know how it got there but this store used to buy a lot of close out stock like Action Jackson uniforms and the like so maybe it was a sample.

All i can say is, as a 15 year Doctor Who fan, I thought I was dreaming.

The game is lost to time (and to the fact that I moved like 20 times from the age of 19 to 28) but I still have one of the chubby l'il daleks on my desk.

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Tex said...

"...I still have one of the chubby l'il daleks on my desk."

So don't just tease us, boy--PICTURES! We want pictures!

(who misses his Katrina-eaten post-Millennial Dalek Rolykin)


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