Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Dirty Spidey

Spider-Man Exterminator

One of the things I truly enjoy about Rack Toys is when the property and the toy itself don't match (like the Love Boat shaving kit) but what's even better is when the toy actually goes against what the character stands for.

Case in point, I present the Spider-Man exterminator set, where Spidey eschews his values and starts packing heat and joins some sort of law enforcement agency.

Although, I really haven't read a Spider-Man comic in a long time, I suppose it is possible that the current Spider-Man is a deputy or a sky marshall or whatever.. 
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Dantheman said...

Spider-Man The Extermintor: Threat or Menace?

DonKelly said...

Is Frank Castle the Punisher wearing a Spidey suit now or what?? Maybe Dirty Harry even?


Charles said...

These are items Spider-Man uses in his downtime with Mary Jane, perhaps.


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