Sunday, December 20, 2009

Cool Thing: Popy Spider-Man

I'm currently out of colouring books to review (although expect some great stuff in January) so I thought it was high time to take a look at some of the more interesting toys to cross my path.

Our initial entry comes from Japan, land of wonderful playthings and pornography that gives me nightmares.

This doll is not based on the comic book Spider-Man, no sir, it's based on a goofily brilliant live action TV series that ran in Japan in the late seventies. The costume is the same but that's not Peter Parker under there. If you haven't already be sure to watch episodes at the Marvel comics site it saves me explaining it.

While a lot of people might use "Mego-Like" to describe this guy, he is about a head taller than the average Mego Superhero and his build is bulky like Big Jim but the body style is unique to Popy. His right arm is straight and features a winch, you pull out that webline and hook and he'll climb just like a Remco Spider-Man. His left arm is for firing things, the Japanese love this feature and I love them for it.

And look what you can shoot out of Spidey's left arm, missiles (of course), a net and rubber Spiders that fit on top of the missiles. They thought of everything! Spidey also comes with working suction cups to simulate wall crawling, this is a serious toy.

The back of the packaging is no slouch either, the one nice thing about this piece is it seems relatively obtainable. It popped up regularly and doesn't destroy your wallet when it does.

Thanks for reading my "Cool Thing" Spotlight, I'll hopefully do more in the future when and if I get something interesting to talk about.

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rob! said...

That's an amazing (no pun intended) looking piece!


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