Sunday, December 06, 2009

Colouring Book Theatre: The Black Hole

Here's a colouring book from my past that I found reasonably priced at an antique mall of all places.

Books like this are the reason I'm such a big fan of this Disney Sci Fi epic, around the release date I got sick, "scare your parents" sick and was given a huge poly bag of Black Hole merch to stave off boredom.

Everything was in there, the strangely drawn comic book (why did Tony Perkins have a fro and a moustache? ), the album, little golden book and this activity/colouring book.

I haven't seen this thing in nearly 30 years and I gotta tell you, it's kind of a weird trip. The opening pages are cool stamps (which I ruined) and the rest of the book looks like they blew their budget on the stamps:

Hey Kids, colour in Maximilian Schell! That's the first time that sentence has ever been said. The art in this book is actually nice, the activities however have the same blandess these books are generally known for.

Use your crayon to identify which menial taks the zombiefied slave is doing. Remember kids, death is their only escape!

The rest of the book is a lot of "connect the dots" kind of stuff and a board game, where you're supposed to close your eyes and point to this page, depending on the robot you choose, you advance or go back. Sounds like hours and hours of fun. I am positive I just coloured this page and ignored the game.

Draw it your damn self kids! I think this page would have been better if they got kids to draw that trippy "heaven and Hell" ending.

The back cover is a great image, as a bonus I've posted up the real selling feature of the book, the stamps from the front page, the back was also stamps but it's puzzle you were supposed to tear apart and rearrange, I did a terrible job of that:

Print these out and put 'em on your lunch pail!

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Quilty said...

I had this colring book! I remember skipping the game as well. And putting the B.O.B. stamp on one of my notebooks -- he was my favorite character. I didn't think the death of a flying garbage can would affect me so much.

John III said...

I actually brought the movie to work this morning to lend to a co-worker. He is my age (36) and never even heard of this movie. I am giving him dirty looks even as type this. *sigh*....some people.

Unknown said...

any idea where I could get this. I know some one who would LOVE it!!


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