Saturday, December 12, 2009

Adventure People Discovery

Got a great email from another Brian yesterday, this being the Brian who sells on Ebay as Ant-Toys, it seems he's had an amazing find of 70s toy history in these four original Fisher Price Adventure People Store Displays.

The amazing thing about this is they're stocked with figures! A really rare and impressive sight.

This action Play Sets one is calling to me, I wonder if my family would mind if I got this instead of paying my gas and grocery bill. Hmmmmmmmm, there must be a way to sell that concept to them...

Check out Brian's awesome auctions here.


Unknown said...

My buddies had tons of these things when we were kids. I think I traded a couple Star Wars figures for some with the accessories that accompanied them.

John III said...

I had some of these before I got Star Wars. The helicopter pilot and scuba diver. They came in a playset with a submarine, (which had a working claw), a helicopter, (which had a spinning rotor) and octopus with cage. They worked great with my GI Joe toys!

Didsbury Village WI blogger said...

I'm in 70s Fisher Price retro heaven.

You'll curse it but I remember some of my brother's Adventure People calling in to 'tea' in their down-time to my FP dolls house! The Dune buggy guy ("Uncle Dune") was a regular until he was lost to a toilet flushing accident. I think he was courting the Tonka teenage daughter. Luke Sykwalker often popped by too.

I'm trying to hunt down the fisher price family of 3 3/4" figures. They look like Adventure Figures, but on their day off. The dad had a freat safari jacket and flare and the Mum had a neat blond bob that flicked out with an A line skirt in white plastic. ahhh.

Sorry to be a girl at your boys club.


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