Monday, October 26, 2009

Wind Up Super Monsters

This is an ad from Canadian Tire of all places and I totally remember it, these guys were in my stocking one Christmas. Originally they were made by Azrak Hamway (AHI) . The three figures included a suspiciously familiar "Rex Dinosaur", the Creature from the Black Lagoon and King Kong, each shot sparks from it's mouth while walking.
Below is an original Creature (you can tell the originals because they have toes on their feet and are marked AHI) which I'm happy to say still sparks.

Azrak Hamway Creature Wind Up

1976 AHI catalog

According to the 1976 AHI Catalog, these originally came carded but I seem to remember them just being in a counter display box.

After AHI stopped producing them, the molds for these seem to have gotten around Hong Kong as they continued to appear in stores up until the 1990s, for all I know they're still around, below is a King Kong I found recently, that was definitely a later release:

Spooky Links:

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wee67 said...

I didn't realize they came carded, either. I used to see them kind of piled up in display boxes on store shelves.

BTW, I think this is my favorite catalog you've posted. I can remember wanting all this stuff and then being disappointed when I actually got something. They were not the highest quality toys.

JFStan said...

I always thought the Creature wind-up looked like he was suffering from indigestion. The look on his face coupled with him holding his stomach (not to mention shooting sparks out of his mouth) sealed it.


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