Sunday, October 11, 2009

Cool Collections: Chris Jeffreys

mego kong merchandise Chris sent in the cool pic of his KIng Kong merchandise from the 1977 remake, all of this stuff was made by Mego and is really hard to find. I have to admit I love that Japanese Vinyl.

Here's a page about 1977 Mego King Kong Merchandise in case this whetted your appetite.


Anonymous said...

Hi Brian,
Hi, my name is TR. I saw on your website that you were showing kid's costumes of the 1970s.

Your site mentioned a character named Farbs. I looked online + I think Farbs was a line of hotwheels toy cars, (or maybe a prototype of those cars). Some pics of some farbs are on: . The site has a farbs section there. farbs seem to be a human looking character, riding on 4 wheels, with an engine on his or her body. I think farbs maybe the singular + pulral form of the word, farbs.
I like I think it's a lot of fun. Have a Good Day,

Anonymous said...

Hi Brian,

Oops, I forgot to mention. Your [pics of 1970s costumes] had a picture of a costume that looked like a farbs character. That's why I left a comment about the farbs. Have a Good Day,


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