Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Gigantics Invade Model Kit Market

fundimensions gigantics model The Gigantics kits by Fundimensions are one of the coolest model kit concepts EVER! In 1975, fundimensions went to back to 1950s cinema with a series of giant insects attacking urban areas. I somehow missed these when they were first released, only discovering them in the mid 1980s when I grabbed the wasp kit at a toy show.

fundimensions gigantics model Sadly when I opened the kit, I realized I couldn't do it justice so I ended up selling it at the next show, I still kind of regret that decision. However, reissues of these kits are now about, so maybe I'll try again.

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chunky B said...

As a kid kits like this used to scare the crap out of me. I think it's the idea of something I could smash is now large enough to smash me.

Arkonbey said...

Those are awesome! Too bad it would cost too much to buy to build now.

I never had one of these, but when I was six I had one of those giant Revell Tyrannosaurus Rex models. You know red with GLOW IN THE DARK TEETH. Who decided that that average kid would like to see huge glowing teeth?

I remember how fun it was to put together that day and how creeped out I was that night...

Chunky B: Do you mean the kits, or giant monsters in general?

rob! said...

I never saw these before, what a neat concept!

Tex said...

At least three of these kits were re-issued in the late 90s. They even put them out at Toys-R-Us (back when those stores were cool.) These should be easier to find than the originals, natch.

(missing the days of non-car kits at hobby stores)


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