Saturday, January 24, 2009

Marvel Superheroes at Six Flags: The Movie

Carman was generous enough this week to send me a DVD of home movies from the late 70s, in there was this incredible clip of the Marvel Superheroes at Six Flags.

I can begin to put into words how cool I think this is. What's also cool is that these are the same costumes from the "Marvel Superheroes: Live and In Person Book".

Carman, my thanks to you for this incredibly kind act.


Anonymous said...

Just amazing...So COOL!!

Anonymous said...

Oh, and I love remembering a time when a character like the Thing could make a personal appearance without the benefit of a couple of theatrical films + DVD sales to let the average Joe know just who the hell he is.
Could you imagine Spider-Woman attracting anyone but diehard comic book fans today?

Why did the '80s and '90s hate superheroes so much?

rob! said...

I bet all those actors kept trying to score with poor Spider-Woman.

FuransuAi5791 said...

I had no idea that Six Flags had Marvel! OwO


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