Friday, January 23, 2009

The 1983 Simpson's Toy Catalog

My toy buying ended in the early 80s (until I discovered flea markets) but I still used to keep an eye what was coming out. That's why I loved finding this news paper circular from Simpsons, a now long gone Canadian department store chain.

All the big names of the time are here Smurfs, He Man, G.I. Joe, Barbie in very well laid out pages that would still have kids drooling to this day. It's a great time warp back to the land of leg warmers and break dancing.

Check out the 1983 Simpsons Toy Catalog Here

Other Toy Flyers and Circulars:




Lady Jaye said...

OMG, the smurf radio! I had that one! It was my second radio (the first one was a Realistic radio with one ear bud.)

Unfortunately, the scan isn't hi-rez enough -- how much did the radio use to retail for?

I used to be into Smurfs as a kid. I had a board game, one doll (a regular basic Smurf), the radio, 2 jigsaw puzzles and a set of twin-bed blankets (I admit it: I still use the comforter from that set, and I'm 33).

lisa said...

I REMEMBER THIS FLYER!!! This exact flyer - seriously!!! I'm pretty sure that's where I first saw Twirly Curls Barbie (who I got in January '84, when my little brother was born).

I remember the Simpsons toy department clearly. We lived across the street from Fairview Mall at the time, when it was anchored by Simsons & the Bay. The toy dept was in the basement & it was always really messy for some reason!

I remember the KITT big wheel, mainly because I was a HUGE Knight Rider fan (don't even mention the new atrocity to me). Hey, I drive a Trans Am today because of that show!

The one craze I did not get into at all at the time was the Cabbage Patch Kids. All the little girls I knew were going wild, their parents were fighting for them in the stores, and I was ... meh. I much preferred my Barbies! I do have a few CPKs in my collection now though.

Brian - by any chance do you have any K-mart flyers??? I would LOVE to see one of those again!

chunky B said...

Toy ads seem so much cooler from back then, the set ups are amazing.

Also I had a few of those smaller zoids those things were great!

mike senger said...

my grandma will tell you that i cried because i wanted that gargamel and she wouldn't buy it for me

RaphEmer said...

Ahh, Shirt Tales! I had the Tyg plush, as well as a little plastic figurine.

pika23 said...

I think Woolworths or one of the other five and tens sold Sharon dolls...i had a couple of them growing up in New jersey when I was 5 or them in the welfare christmas gift baskets. They were cool, only because they came with like 20 dresses usually. My sister had one when she was young as well...unless they were sharon knock offs but I swear they were the same doll.

I had twirly curl barbie, and the curler knotted my hair badly! I had that bed there too.

Dennis said...

Sure wish I could see it. Looks like this catalog is no longer on your server.

Plaidstallions said...

It's back up and running, never attempt a full site back up on Friday the 13th....


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