Monday, January 19, 2009

Bulletman Appreciation Day

It's been a while since we honoured Hasbro's Bulletman, that great attempt to make G.I. Joe a little more superheroic that sadly failed. The big B is often maligned unfairly by Joe collectors, particularly the military ones but for many of us 70s kids, he was an incredibly fun toy.

This is Bullet Man as he appeared in Mexico, produced by the Lili Ledy Company.

Below are some vintage newspaper ads from when Bulletman was new.

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Ian Sokoliwski said...

Those ads really just make me want to play Perfection and Superfection.

Noah Duke said...

I had one of these as a kid and loved it! It had little loops in the back that you could run string through and make him fly. Then again I don't think it took long for my brother and me to rip one of those silver arms off.

Chris said...

Always wanted Bulletman. I ended up with Mike Powers, Atomic Man instead. He was the discount bionic hero. I am sure my parents got him on sale and told me he was just like Steve Austin. Obviously, still have some emotional scars...


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