Monday, January 05, 2009

Did you invite Godzilla?

I'm loving this 1978 Sears spread featuring Hasbro Super Joe, I'm just somewhat curious as to why Godzilla from the Shogun Warriors was crowbarred into the back like that. It works though doesn't it? Little kids don't care that the toys aren't from the same lines (unless you were that really anal kid) and this scene probably got reenacted in a couple of (lucky) households.



Ian Sokoliwski said...

This is what every episode of Land of the Lost SHOULD have looked like!

Trav28 said...

From my distant memory, I remember these being "rebranded" as Action Man in the UK. I always wanted these but never got them. Bah!

I_Barabbas said...

Oh, my god. I. Remember. This. I used to DROOL over this particular ad, thinking, "If there's a heaven, this will be all set up for me when I get there..." Wow. "Save picture as..."


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