Thursday, April 10, 2008

Available Suitors in your Area

Suitor #1975 : Greg "Svengali" Miller

Hobbies include: Ferns, Astrology, Hypnosis, Conversation Pits, Fondue, El Caminos, Compulsive Cleanliness and long soulful walks on the beach.

Suitor # 1872 : Duane "Thirsty" Dorffman

Hobbies include : Generic Beer, Unemployment, El Caminos, Nugent, Probation, Doin' Donuts, Wood Sheds, Hustler Magazine and

Make your selection now!


Anonymous said...

In the early '90s I worked in purchasing for a mail order clothing company. One day they were in a pinch because they were doing a photo shoot on a pair of pants (or, should I say, "slacks") and the model cancelled on them. They needed someone who was a 32 waist, and, like Johnny Bravo, I fit the suit. The shot was a closeup that just showed me from the waist down, but they had me do that same dumb pose with my hand on the belt buckle. And it was exactly like the guy in the first photo - my thumb wasn't even tucked behind the belt buckle, it was just framing it. The only reason someone would ever stand like that is if they were activating the flashlight on their utility belt.

That's what stood out to me as soon as I saw today's photos - that they had me do the same meaningless hack pose that they were doing back in the plaid stallion days.

rob! said...

the first guy looks a little Battlestar Galactica-ish to me. have him stand next to Daggit so i can get the full effect.

wurwolf said...

dancin' homer, that is the coolest story ever! We have a celebrity in our midst! Or, at least your mid-section is a celebrity.

I LOLed all over the place when I saw that one of "Svengali"'s hobbies is conversation pits. And yay for El Caminos!

JFStan said...

Looks like Gary Cole and Lee Horsley! :)

Anonymous said...

Suitor #1975 looks disturbingly like my Political Science professor from last semester.


GiGi said...

Suitor 1975 looks like Ted Bundy
Creepy is right


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