Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Thug Wear

thug wear

Whether you're going to follow McCloud around for the day or just rough up Banacek, the luxurious Dupont fibers of Thug Wear will keep you cool and confident.


I'm going to talk about Mego today and share a few links, first off I'll toot my own horn and mention that I posted a fun 1979 Wards Catalog page full of Mego Superheroes at the Mego Museum Blog. Ever wonder why I don't do a lot about Mego (and Micronauts) here? It's because it would mean me doing double the work, that's why.

Also, World's Greatest Toys has made a unique Mego Discovery, well worth a look on this fine April morning.


rob! said...

man, when those two go at it there's gonna be corduroy everywhere!

Anonymous said...

I don't recall Steve Garvey ever sporting a moustache.

Anonymous said...

Those two outfits are the mathematical inverses of each other


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