Tuesday, June 23, 2020

Return of the Space Apes!

A couple of weeks ago, I was introduced to the Space Apes, a vintage series of action figures that seemed to be knocking off Mego's Planet of the Apes line but upon further reflection, these appear to be factory seconds poly bagged and sold off to make a quick buck, more after the jump:

Above is the Toy-Ventures video I made at the beginning of the month showcasing the first two space apes I received. Since then,  my friend in the UK found two more in his stash and rather than making another video about it, I simply felt like sharing it here:

First up is Cornelius or Galen depending on how you feel, he looks like a complete Mego Galen (with an added bonus of a terrible KO rifle) but upon closer inspection, you start to notice something about him.

His eyes are completely messed up and he has white paint on his lips, just like the General Urko from the first batch (see below)

Comparing him to a regular Mego Cornelius, it's pretty obvious why this is a factory second. 

General Ursus is wearing a minty Astronaut jumpsuit and his regular boots, it seems like they ran out of General outfits judging by the two I have. 

Despite the crinkly bag making it look bad, the suit is super clean and minty. This guy bears a price tag for "Gifts Galore" one of the UK's famous "Seaside Shops" where these kind of toys stem from. This one isn't far from the Isle of Man, which is ironic!

This is the Zira from the original lot, her boots appear to have been pulled out of the mold early, they have gaping holes in the front.

And Finally, General Urko, he's a total mess, he's wearing a European Action Jackson Jumpsuit and his head paints? Wow.

His eyes are almost whited right out and the white on his lips makes look as if he's smiling! Say Cheese General!

I love this kind of stuff, the fact that I didn't know it existed until this year and how kind of shoddy it just gels into a big warm and fuzzy for me.

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Hugh Walter said...

Funnily enough, we had those weapons (or at lest the M1 carbine) with our Action Men, they had come with some HK knock-offs which I think were called Tommy Gunn, and imported by Cherilea or Charbens?


Plaidstallions said...

I think those guns got around.

Unknown said...

How hard are these to come by and are they expesive?

mike said...

M-1 and M-2 carbines are movie correct. M-16 for human security forces.

mike said...
This comment has been removed by the author.


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