Friday, June 12, 2020

Pod Stallions 80: British Annuals

It's just Jason and Brian this time around and our topic this week was inspired by some posts in our Facebook group.

British Annuals are hardback books that go back to the 1940s and over the decades they have made a staggering amount of different licenses and properties.

We start by talking about Doctor Who (a lot of people's introduction to the annual) but discuss Holmes and Yo-Yo, V, The Avengers, Adam Adamant,  Kenny Everett, The Beano, Thunderbirds, Look-In, Abba, Space:1999, UFO, Kung Fu, Star Trek, Tomorrow People, Gold Key Comics, Brian's childhood fears about England and finish off just talking about Buck Rogers for no good reason.

As a side bonus, we will be sharing our collection of UK annuals in our facebook group, join us!


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