Saturday, June 20, 2020

1978 Mattel Shogun Warriors Commercial (Series 2)

Another film reel from our archive that we've had digitized for your enjoyment, it's the 1978 Mattel Shogun Warriors Commercial featuring Gai-KIng, Great Mazinga and Daimos! I forgot I had this! Please enjoy, it's fist firing fun! Join our Facebook Group Pod Stallions: Toy-Ventures Magazine is coming this summer, for more information, click here:

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Sean said...

"Not for use with other toys." Oops. I did my entire childhood incorrectly. The hand-me-down Great Mazinga we got from an older cousin frequently joined my Adventure People, Star Wars, GI Joe, Pocket Heroes... universes. Our basement and backyard were crossover central. Even if he had to stand-in for Galactus at times.


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