Friday, April 18, 2014

PodStallions 16: Buck or Starbuck?

Episode 16 finds us going "Full On Glen A Larson" with a delving into his seminal science fiction works. Even though we touched upon both of these shows in episode 7, neither Jason nor Brian felt we did either justice.

Episode 16 goes deeper into both Battlestar Galactica and Buck Rogers and sees our hosts divided on which is their favourite, Jason uses cubits as currency whereas Brian wears a lot of white spandex (it's not pretty).

As always we get into merchandising, particularly toys, discuss Canadian television, Major Matt Mason, colouring books, 1966 Batman, Marvel comics, Mego's Micronauts and Kenny Everett along the way. We have focus issues.

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Desdinova said...

Glen A. Larson was with the Four Preps. They influenced the Beach Boys with songs like "26 Miles," "Big Man" and "Down By the Station."


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