Thursday, April 10, 2014

Fashion Plates

Over the years I've known women who have told me they asked for Tomy's Mighty Men and Monster Maker only to receive this, the so called "girl's version", Fashion Plates. My wife was one of those people, luckily her brother got the MMMM, so she still got to play with it.

Not to put down Fashion Plates (I'm sure it was a fun toy) but Monsters aren't gender specific, they're just cool.

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JEN said...

I remember my mom ordered this from the JcPenny catalog. It was awesome!

Desdinova said...

The Mighty men and Monster Maker was the coolest toy I ever got for Christmas. I seem to remember this being advertised more. I can still remember the jingle. It was sung by a kind of cheesy lounge singer guy.

sharxfan said...

I don't remember the MMMM commercial but the jingle for Fashion Plates is still burned on my brain. "It's got all those fashionable traits, and they call it fashion plates." It sounded like it was sung by Bill Murray's Nick The Lounge Singer character.


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