Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Bulletman International

My passion for Hasbro's Bulletman knows know bounds, the figure in the foreground is the first thing I ever purchased at a toy show (sadly almost 30 years ago). The other two are international variations of the figure that I'm proud to now own, more after the jump!

My latest addition is the UK version of Bulletman, the good people at Palitoy invented a lot of things for Joe including Kung Fu Grip, Eagle Eyes and the flocked hair we all love so much. When they took a look at Bulletman, they decided to make some edits the first being they gave his helmet better vision with larger eye holes.

And they gave him jet boots!

Mexico called him "Hombre Bala" and I've yet to see his packaging. Hopefully someday I'll have another update.


Seventiesfan said...

I've got an interesting Bulletman story, probably more interesting than my Jawa story. About 13 years ago, I saw a Bulletman on Ebay for a good price- under $50. I fell asleep, then woke up just minutes after the auction was over. Two years ago, I saw parts of Bulletman figures on Ebay and decided to buy the figure piece by piece, since I could not afford a complete Bulletman. It cost a week's pay, plus two gift cards, and a total of six auctions, but I now own a Bulletman figure.

Anonymous said...

I'm from mexico and remember having this figure as a kid, it was one of my favourite figures as i can remember, it lasted a couple of years with me, until one of his arms broke off, then i put it in a box, and never saw it again.


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