Thursday, April 24, 2014

PlaidStallions 8th Birthday Contest!

I say this every year but in addition to being pleased that I remembered the site's birthday a whole two days prior, I'm grateful for the entire experience. A new contest and a whole bunch more of my babble after the jump!

Again, it's been eight surprisingly short years since I launched PlaidStallions on a quiet Saturday afternoon. I was hoping somebody would get the joke but I never anticipated having a readership, let alone an action figure, a podcast or working on my second book (details soon) and I owe it all to you, the wonderful people who have commented, emailed, encouraged, helped out and supported this crazy endeavour. 

I'd like to thank you all with a contest, steeped in polyestar.

See this guy? He needs a name:
This fine gentleman has appeared countless times over the year and it's about time he's dubbed a fine moniker in the tradition of other PlaidStallions Supermodels as 

Brick Mantooth

Guy Karate (who long time readers will remember was named in a 2009 birthday contest)

Runner Up Prizes:

2 lucky people will get Brick Mantooth action figures (from Odeon Toys) and a mess of other goodies.

Grand Prize:

First prize will not only make history by naming that dude but also recieve my next limited mash up figure Ron: Space Pimp absolutely free.

How to Play: Send your name (only one please) to me at Brick*at* (but replace *at* with @, ya dig?)

Contest closes May 5th at noon. Winners announced the following Friday.

Good Luck and thanks for reading!

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biopunk said...


Disco Ray or Ray Sunshine.

But definitely a Ray.

Dave A, said...

Samson SuperGunn.

Jason said...

DJ Snakebite

Unknown said...

Eddie Love

James McElroy said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
James McElroy said...

Rufus Dynamite

James McElroy said...

Was going to say Lexington Steele, but it seems that one's been used :-P

Kor Watkins said...

Ray Strack

Scott Brown said...

Sy Stormweather

Devon Sanders said...

Rex LeRoy

Anonymous said...

Luther Flybar

Jeanie Scott said...

Shay McCool

John Shannon said...

Slick Thunder


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