Friday, September 13, 2013

Pod Stallions Episode 8: Anderson is FAB

Seeing as it's September 13th, there is no better time to talk about the creative force that was Gerry Anderson.

Eventhough much of the man's output was done before Jason and Brain were even an idea, their timeless quality has fans talking about them to this day. 

The guys show the evolution in puppets from Supercar to Captain Scarlet and the jump to live action with UFO and Space:1999. Mixed in with some discussions about Bond, Gold Key Star Trek comics, nerdy moments and of course, all the merchandise we could cram into a single show.

Anderson is FAB is 

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VintageQuixotic said...

Great episode, fun & educational! I had a Space:1999 coloring book and my friends had the playsets, but I swear - growing up in Maryland in the 70’s, I do not recall ever seeing the show on TV! I hadn’t even heard of Joe 90 or UFO, however I do recall catching glimpses of Space 1999 and Thunderbirds while visiting my grandparents in Philadelphia. Of course, I enjoyed them, and to this day I plan on owning Mattel’s Eagle 1.
I became more aware of Anderson thanks to Starlog Magazine, which leads me to a product you guys didn’t mention, the one thing that I actually associate with him most. Gerry became involved in a line of cutting-edge spaceship model kits in the mid-70’s. They were advertised heavily in Starlog. The first of the line was the StarCruiser 1. Not as clumsy or random as say, Kenner’s Millenium Falcon, this thing was sleek and interchangeable and just the epitome of 70’s sci-fi cool. In Starlog #21, Gerry’s “Space Report” details the genesis and design of the kit over a 2-page spread. I loved this thing and am always on the lookout for it and its follow-ups (of which I know there is a least one).

PS – loved the story of meeting Gerry and Anthony Daniels in the same weekend! How lucky is that?!

PSS – Love the opening music (AKA the ‘UFO’ movie theme) – was the soundtrack released officially?


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