Friday, September 06, 2013

1978 Mattel Flying Aces Catalog

Mattel's Flying Aces were an elaborate take on the paper airplane, the planes were made of soft foam and the flight deck served as a launcher. Those who had it or the Battlestar Galactica version have mentioned that the planes had a short life but were fun nonetheless.

In 1978, the line was three years old and appeared to be going strong.

You can see it all at the 1978 Mattel Flying Aces Page

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Armpit Studios said...

Heh, I remember those and how I thought the aircraft carrier looked like a huge waste of space for what it did.

Anonymous said...

It actually looks pretty cool, but I find easy to believe the whole thing fell apart pretty quick. I was a big fan of Micronauts as a little kid, and they didn't last long. The only durable toy I remember was Stretch Armstrong, but for some reason, my dog hated that thing, and wouldn't miss a chance to attack it. It was an ugly story; we found Stretch torn up and weird jelly all over the place, and my dog hiding shamefully under the kitchen table.
I let it go, I loved that dog, and he got away clean, but I think he always half-way thought he had actually killed somebody, like he was waiting to be arrested.
He ended up dying from a stroke 12 years later, probably wishing he had a priest to confess to.

Pat said...

I had one that came in a little case that opened and lanched two planes. One of the most fun toys I ever had.

Kracalactaka! said...

I had the Carrier and the Island base as a kid, I loved those toys. Long after the catapults broke I got plenty of mileage out of them with my toy planes and soldiers.

Kracalactaka! said...

Loved these as kid.

Unknown said...

Does anyone remember an aircraft carrier that launched an aircraft up a string that was attached to a door handle and when reaching the top it would pivot on the string, turn around and you would land it on the deck using a joy stick hooked to the other end of the string. When you pulled back the string would tighten and the jet would speed up, when you pushed it forward it would droop and the plane would slow down. With practice you could land it on the deck where it would catch the cable with the hook on the bottom of the plane. Body of the carrier was Styrofoam with a cardboard deck. Late '60s early '70s.

Armpit Studios said...

Unknown must mean this, the Airfix Super Flight Deck.


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