Sunday, February 24, 2013

Colouring Book Theater: Dune (Part 2)

It's been entirely too long since I did an entry for Colouring Book Theater (coincidentally, if anybody wants to send in a Superhero Mall appearance, I'd be your friend) so I thought I'd do some new ones for 2013.

The original Dune entry proved to be one of the most popular things I've done here at PS, so another visit to Arrikas (I had to look that up) is in order.

I am fascinated with Dune merchandise, we didn't get action figures from Last Starfighter but there were little six inch versions of Sting clogging the clearance aisles alongside incredibly phallic sand worms.

Anyway, this book is even more discordant than the last a "coloring and activity" book, it tries to be rather endearing to it's reader, which makes it even more sublime. More after the jump:

Dune coloring book

Can you find the hidden cookie? Were there cookies in the Dune future? There is no mention of them in the film, I'm thinking that's why everybody is so turgid in the film, it's a future where the art of confection has been lost.
Dune coloring book

I'm guessing the good people at Grosset and Dunlop had their work cut out for them and they started to grasp at straws while pouring through the stills. This can be evidenced by the amount of times that the Duke's pug appears in this thing. I forgot he had a dog but clearly the one thing this book wants you to know is, the (oddly happy looking) Atreides family wuvs their puppy...oh yes they do....
Dune coloring book

Lots of attempts here to make the characters of Dune more appealing to kids, this "Thurfir" is smart? Oh he's the C3PO of the film, perfect!

Dune coloring book

Can't wait to break out the crayons on this. Honestly, this is the closest you'll come to coloring a picture of your great grandparents, I can't think of an utterly less color-able subject...

Dune coloring book

Oh yeah.

Dune coloring book

This book is also great for "ridiculous depictions of Patrick Stewart" which actually makes it way, way better. If it were nothing but strange drawings of him, it would be considered a national treasure. 

Next Week: Doctor Who returns!

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