Friday, September 21, 2012

Presto Magix Store Display

I thought I'd spend this Friday showing you one of my more impulsive moves in recent history. I set up at the Burlington Toy Con two weeks back to clear up space, I brought three bins of stuff from Rack Toys photo shoots and hoped to come home with none.

Two tables down was this, this wonderful, triggered memory and worst of all, the dealer was a friend. Yeah, I stared at it all day and  at the end it went home with me.

Presto Magix had a power over me as a kid, they were cheap, creative and I loved them. As an adult, I even worked for a company that made similiar sets, my sickness runs deep.

This thing is loaded with many of my favourites and...Scrappy Doo. I don't have the space for this absolutely fantastic piece, so if there is anyone interested please drop me a line.

Eventually when the dust settles, I'll put together a compendium of all the Presto Magix designs I have and try to track them all.


Fabien said...

I must confess I used to be a real fan too!!!
Thx for sharing!!!

Manny said...

Same here. I still have my completed Spider-Man Presto Magix in my Spider-Man Scrap book from the 80's. Yeah, I was pretty obsessed with Spidey that I started a scrap book. I even have a bag of Spider-man potato chips that were shaped like webs in there.

Just the bag, I ate the chips.

Unknown said...

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