Thursday, September 27, 2012

AHI Mysteries #3: Super Klobbers

Here's another one I hope is real, Super Klobbers. Basically, they're just Centsable Socker Boppers with Super Hero dressing. The kick of these is they seemed to have used classic stock art (including swipes from the Mego Superman box) and added boxing gloves to them. Look at that lovely Neal Adams Batman ready to go into the ring.

If you remember these as a kid, drop me a line.


Jon K said...

I know they existed; I have a pic of one set in my Flickr archives... Posted it at -- and I know Al Bigley had a pic of the batman set posted nit too long ago!

Tim Arnold said...

I've got a pair of boxed superman super klobbers mint. I always wanted a set of the spierman ones but never got them.


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