Monday, November 14, 2011

Billy Blast Off

I'm a couple of years too young to have enjoyed the adventures of this Japanese import (created by Tomy, Billy was brought to the Western world by a company called Eldon) but some folks I know that did grow up with it often get giddy upon it's mention..


Neal P said...

Billy Blastoff was one of those special Christmas gifts that I didn't ask for and didn't even know existed, but I probably played with it more on Christmas morning than any other toy I received. The key to his appeal was that his backpack was his battery pack and when you seated him in one of his many space vehicles, the batteries in his pack powered the vehicle. Genius! I also loved that he looked like a boy, so I could fantasize that I too could be a spaceman like Billy. Great toy!

jimm said...

I still have Billys Robt, still works!


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