Sunday, November 06, 2011

Big Announcement Sunday

It's finally time to reveal what I've been planning for three years and that is, I'm writing a book! The project is called "Rack Toys" and it's essentially a love letter to what I feel is a very under served area of toy collecting. More after the jump:

I'm finally far enough into this that I can confidently say it's going to happen, whether I go with one of the publishing houses I'm currently pitching to or self publish, I will hopefully make this happen in the next 12 months.

Below is a description of the book from my proposal:

Colorful packaging hanging from your drug store or grocer’s shelves, designed to entice you while you sat in the shopping cart.

These often terribly made, strange playthings priced low enough to wear down even the most frugal adult and were often forgotten or broken by the time you left the parking lot

Rack Toys is a love letter to repurposed, illogically licensed toys that were not meant to be remembered. An explosion of color, nostalgia and humor spanning three decades and dozens of genres.

The book will explore all the nagging childhood questions like:

"Why does Superman need a parachute?"

"Who thought Love Boat equated to a shaving kit?"

and "When did Dr. Zaius get a walkie talkie?"

Rack Toys is an explosion of color, nostalgia and humor spanning three decades and dozens of genres.
It goes without saying if you're a publisher interested in this book, please drop me a line . I am currently shopping the book and have entered the discussion phase but nothing is set in stone yet. Also, if you own an oddball rack toy that you believe deseves some attention, please get in touch, no genre or era is out of range.

toronto toy show booth
Secondary Announcement: For the third year running I'll be setting up at this year's Toronto Toy Show on November 20th (link to $2 off admission coupon can be found here) to hopefully pay off some debt and overall feel like less of a hoarder.   I'll be peddling some vintage stuff and Brick Mantooth dolls, also be showing off some upcoming limited edition Mantooth variants. If you're in the area please drop by and say hello and pick up some free trading cards and hugs.


Debs @ Vintage Action Figures said...

That Planet of the Apes knock-off is awesome...I WANT!!

Sabrina Steyling said...

Total coolness! Best of luck with your book. I'm a freelance writer and have been published in a few places, so if you have questions about anything, drop me a line at sabrinasteyling[at]yahoo[dot]com. :)

Tex said...

Mark me down for a hardcover copy, please!

And I'd recommend if no publisher's smart enough to bite.

(then you can say it's from Mantooth Press)

PS--Word verification "psycho," which is what I am for the 70s!

Doug said...

You might contact the good folks at TwoMorrows -- they've done books along these lines, most notably the very excellent Mego book of which I'm certain you're well aware!

Best of luck -- this is a great idea!


R.A.M.'67 said...

Quite an undertaking! Good luck on this venture!

plasticfetish said...

Finally! I'd like to pre-pre-pre-reserve a copy now please.

Caffeinated Joe said...

Great idea! I used to get some of these oddities when I had a little allowance to use. Bought many of those parachute guys, no matter how many times they got tangled up!

Brenda said...

Congratulations, you!! That is one book I would definitely read.

John III said...

Way to go Brian! Good to see you finally make something of yourself! LOL

JasonMotesBowles said...

You know I'm preordering this as soon as it's available!


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