Thursday, September 08, 2011

Now Showing at Home

One of my earliest memories is watching a film strip of "Charlie Chan and the Chan Clan" on my neighbour's basement wall, it's a pretty happy one. I'm surprised I haven't got a large collection of "Give A Show" type projectors as a result..


Jon K said...

My video of that Charlie Chan and the Chan Clan Give-A-Show strip has more hits on YouTube than any of my other ones!

I have to admit to some confusion, though, why you posted an image of an Easy-Show Projector from a catalog, but talked about the Give-A-Show Projector?

Anonymous said...

I wish someone on YouTube posted the Easy Show Projector B&W films.

Jody said...

I collect 16mm films and show them in the back yard during the summer. So much fun!!!

Drive-In Mike said...

Loved the Give-A-Show projector. Had tons of really old film strips from the 60s that were handed down by my sister: Thor, Fantastic Four, Spider-Man plus several 70s staples.

Alphacentaurian said...

This is like the stone-age version of YouTube. I remember being amused by this kind of stuff, but it still blows my mind how tech has advanced.


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