Sunday, September 11, 2011

Evel's Crash Car Today


Recently I got an email from a fellow by the name of Jerry asking about Evel Knievel's famous Crash car. I get a lot of emails (I don't have any Stretch Armstrong's for sale, sorry) and just assumed he was another interested toy collector. Which was a total mistake because while Jerry likes toys he's into the real deal!   More after the jump (which is over 14 school buses):


Here is the Crash Car today, assuming this is Jerry's front lawn, I wish we were neighbours.


Who wouldn't want to roll up to the office just once in this?


The crash car was featured in the (somewhat camp) classic film "Viva Knievel" which makes it just that much more awesome. Thanks for sharing Jerry, nice to know she's in good hands.

If you have a cool 70s collection you'd like to share drop us a line! (JUST remove the "4" at the end of my email address, that way I know you're human)


R.A.M.'67 said...

So THAT'S what happened to Evel's crash car. Nice pictures!

Must play my DVD of Viva Knievel! today! :o)

Bill Stephenson said...

I helped build this car with my father back in the mid-late 1970s.

My father, Jim Stephenson was a well known car builder in So Cal. He managed George Barris's shop and sub-contracted building cars for him in his own shop for many years.

We built this car in a shop we had in Pacoima, CA. Evel came to the shop several times while we were building the car, and even gave us tickets to the 1st Long Beach Grand Prix, which he sponsored a car in.

The car outfitted with two pneumatic cylinders inside the engine compartment that were activated by a switch that would blow the hood off of the car. We made the hood in two pieces so it came apart when the "exploded".

We bought a used American Motors Gremlin to build this car because it was so similar in size and shape. The body was made of fiberglass, but the mold was made from the Gremlin and the chassis and floor pan in this car are from that Gremlin.

While we were building this car a guy named Darryl Starbird, another So Cal car builder, was building the "Evel Knievel Wheelie Car" a few miles away.

We had almost no time allowed to build this car. I think we had just a bit over one month, and I pulled several all nighters to help get it done.

It wasn't our best work, but it was a fun project. Not long after we finished we bought a Ferrari Daytona from Evel that someone he lent it to crashed up a bit.


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